wildcare - live well with wildlife

Our Unintended Interactions with Wildlife


Wildcare is an organization located in San Rafael, California. They are involved in advocacy and education and have an incredible animal hospital. While a local organization, their impact is being [read more]
Jean-Michel Cousteau: Orcas

Jean-Michel Cousteau: Orcas


“The ruler of the ocean,” orcas are one of the ocean’s most fascinating inhabitants. Found along California’s coast and within national marine sanctuaries, the largest species [read more]
Star Trek VI

There Be Whales Here


Did you know that part of Star Trek IV was filmed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium? The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Aquarium of the Air Podcast is produced by EarthNews Journal staff (Jerry Kay, Host and [read more]
Elephant Seals: Back From the Brink

Elephant Seals: Back from the Brink


Hunted nearly to extinction in the 1800’s, California’s elephant seals have made a remarkable comeback and are now protected by the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act. One of the largest [read more]
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